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Let's save Victoria!

26 February 2021 08:36:18


The Charitable Foundation “War-Affected Children” is involved in fundraising for Victoria Polyansky, 13, who has been ill since birth. Diagnosis - VPR.CNS.Spina bifida, Arnold Chiari malformation, rachischisis of the cervical-thoracolumbar sacral spine, lower paraplegia, pelvic dysfunction.


Victoria has been in a wheelchair since childhood, she is a good and sincere child, she loves life very much. Due to the constant stay in the wheelchair, her spine was very crooked. Victoria finds it difficult to sit, lie down, and breathe. All of her internal organs are squeezed. Her condition has deteriorated so much that Victoria is not be able to cope with elementary SARS. Of course, Victoria is unlikely to be able to walk, but to improve the quality of life and prolong her life - the main task and dream of her parents.


In Ukraine, all doctors approached by the Polyansky family refuse to treat such a complex case. But there is a doctor in Moscow who could help Victoria. Surgical treatment will be multi-stage (4 operations per hospitalization) and expensive. The cost of treatment is $ 73,000. The Victoria’s family is in dire need of fundraising assistance. Victoria's mother -


The case is extremely difficult, and there is no time to waste. We really hope for your understanding! Together we are a stronger!

To join the fundraiser, please click "Donate" and enter the amount you can donate to Victoria, and you will be sent to donate by card.


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